Mother’s Day 🌸

I want to acknowledge that this day isn’t necessarily happy for everyone, and that’s okay.⁣
• For mothers that have lost⁣
• For those that have lost mothers⁣
• For new moms struggling to bond with their babies⁣
• For those with unstable or strained relationships with mothers and/or children⁣
• For those (like me) who have chosen not be mothers⁣
• For those trying or have been told they’re unable to be mothers⁣

🌸I try to think about what I can actually take out of this day – an appreciation for nurturing life. I’ll likely never receive a handmade Mother’s Day card that I save for eternity. But I see my value in how I’ve helped raise my siblings, the way I care for my dog, the growth I see in my therapy clients. There are many ways to be a caring, selfless human ♥️moms are just usually pretty darn good at it.

Published by theartofhina

Clinical & Counselling Psychology Master’s student based in Toronto. 
As a South Asian immigrant, WOC, and future clinician - I am committed to creating positive social change by advocating for mental health initiatives emphasizing cultural competence.

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